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Winters Home Services offers complete plumbing, air conditioning, and heating services, so that you are always comfortable in your home or office. We have experienced professionals to make sure everything is working properly so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Quality Plumbing Service

If you are in need of a plumbing service, then look no further. Whether it’s a small leak, frozen pipes, or a backed up sewer line, we can help. Only professional plumbers should handle your plumbing issues, no matter how big or small, in order to make sure your plumbing is functioning at its best. It is important to deal with every plumbing issue promptly to avoid further costly repairs in the future. Let our expert plumbers handle your plumbing repairs, installations, and maintenance to ensure that everything is in order.

Service your heater before the cold arrives

Before the seasons turn, it is a good idea to have a professional heating company service your heater to make sure it will be working properly when you need it. A comfortable room temperature is a must in your home or workplace, so we take care of your full heating needs. With just one phone call to Winters Company before the cold season begins, you can give winter a warm welcome. We will take care of your boiler and furnace repairs or replacements, new unit installations, and more.

Air conditioning solutions

Just as your heater should be checked before the cold arrives, so should your air conditioner before the heat does. Winters Company can make sure your air conditioner is cooling to its full potential, and not working too hard, so as not to raise your electricity bill. Our expert technicians can handle all of your residential and commercial air conditioning repairs, replacements, installations, and maintenance checks. For dependable air conditioning repairs, you can call Winters Company at any time of the day and we will be there.

Garbage Disposal 101

Today we are going to talk about garbage disposal – a great appliance that makes household duties less demanding, but a costly one if clogged or not operated properly. We want to help customers like you to avoid these major repairs with proper maintenance and caring. You would be surprised how easy it is!

The simplest way to break this down is to list the do’s and don’ts. As well as some extra tips that you might not know about!
Garbage Disposal 101

Do’s and Proper Use:

1. Always use cold water full blast when running the disposal. Cold water solidifies grease and oil so they can be chopped up before reaching the trap. Hot water causes grease to liquefy and accumulate, causing drains to clog.
2. Run the disposal for 10-15 seconds after the grinding is complete. This assures the complete flushing of any remaining particles.
3. Run your garbage disposal regularly to prevent rust and corrosion. This ensures that all parts stay moving to prevent obstructions from accumulating.
4. Once in a while, grind certain small hard materials such as small chicken and fish bones, egg shells, small fruits pits, etc. A scouring action is created by these particles inside the grind chamber that cleans the garbage disposal’s walls.
5. Cut large items into smaller pieces and put them in one at a time.

Don’ts and improper use:

1. Corn husks, celery stalks, onion skins and artichokes. The fibers from these can tangle and jam the garbage disposal motor and block drains.
2. Don’t grind cigarette butts.
3. Don’t EVER stick your hand in there!
4. Don’t grind glass, plastic, metal or even paper.
5. Don’t put too many potato peels down. The starches in potatoes will turn into a thick paste and cause blades to stick.
6. Expandable foods – pasta and rice expand when you add water in a pot, they do the same once inside your pipes or gavage disposal and are the cause of many jams and clogs.
7. Coffee grounds – although they do help eliminate odors, they can accumulate in drains and pipes, causing clogs.
8. Harsh chemicals like bleach or drain cleaners – they can damage the blades and pipes. Try Borax, a natural sink cleaner and sanitizer that effectively works on odor-causing mold and mildew.
9. Grease, oil, and fat – it will slowly accumulate and impede your disposal’s grinding ability as well as clogging drains.


A cheap way for you to clean your disposal without damaging it with harsh chemicals.
1. Run the disposal thoroughly with cold water. Pour 1-2 cups of ice cubes and ½ Cup of baking soda (make sure the entire drain is covered in baking soda). If you want, pour ½ cup (118ml) of vinegar down the drain as well (note: only use this sparingly since vinegar is acidic and could damage rubber parts inside the disposal if used too often!). Vinegar is a natural deodorizer and bacteria killer.
2. Start running cold water into the disposal and turn it on. Let it run until you can no longer hear the ice in the disposal.
3. Pick one of the fruits: lemon, lime, tangerine or orange. Cut in half and put into the disposal. Make sure you take the seeds out to prevent any clogging! Any time you eat an orange or use lemons, put the peelings into the disposal and smell the difference.
Want a visual tutorial on how to clean your garbage disposal? We got you covered:

You should smell the difference by now!


1. Remove excess debris from the blade with ice cubes and rock salt. Ice cubes keep the blades sharp!
2. NEVER use disposals with a septic system: it fills up your septic tank!
3. Keep silverware away from the disposal: a change of a little habit with a big result!

In Case of Emergency

1. Resetting may solve problems: most disposals have a reset button on the bottom. If your disposal isn’t working, check the electrical breaker and see if it’s on. If it is ON and the unit isn’t working, press the reset button.
2. Jammed disposal: contrary to the common sayings, DO NOT USE A WOODEN broom to unjam your disposal! What ends up happening is you could break the wood and some debris could sit inside the disposal, adding oil to fire!
3. Our tutorial on how to unclog a disposal: We have a tutorial on how to unclog and fix a disposal using various safe tools. It will save all your troubles!
Hope you have learned few tricks and tips on caring for your disposal. Remember, treat your garbage disposal well, and it will treat you well in return. If you have any questions or want to submit more tips, tweet us @wintershomeservices or go on our Facebook page.
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