8 Rules When Choosing a Toilet

Toilets don’t break easily, some even last for decades. The average person uses a toilet 2,500 times a year, or six to eight times daily, therefore, you want to make sure that it provides you comfort. Finding a toilet is like finding the perfect shoes, if it isn’t the right fit, you won’t be happy,… Read more »

Follow These Golden Rules to Increase the Energy Efficiency of your AC

Unless you live in Alaska, air conditioning is one of the largest energy expenses for a typical U.S. home. This is why it’s so important to know how to keep your system energy-efficient. We’ve compiled a list with four golden rules to help you increase the energy efficiency of your air conditioner. 1. Change the… Read more »

4 Tips to Prevent Clogged Drains

Most of the time, drains are clogged due to human errors. That being said, be careful with what you put down the drain! Below, we’ve compiled four hacks to prevent clogs in drains to help you avoid the disaster. Grease, a Drain’s Worst Nightmare – Never pour liquid grease down a drain! The fats in… Read more »

Four Major Air Conditioner Problems & Solutions

Unlike most heating systems, air conditioners have more complex mechanical systems that demand a variety of parts work correctly. Central air conditioners are designed to meet a certain “load” on the house and have a certain amount of refrigerant, commonly known as “charge”. They also need a certain amount of air flow across the coils…. Read more »

Two Clogged Drain Signs that could Lead to a Major Sewer Repair

Sewer line – since it has the word “sewer” involved, most people only relate it to the transportation of waste water from their home to the underground sewer system, not to expensive repairs and digs. Little do people know, a simple clog could be an indication of a major sewer line clog, which could lead… Read more »

Top 8 Plumbing Issues that need to be repaired ASAP!

Top 8 Plumbing Issues that need to be repaired ASAP! Plumbing repairs are expensive, and when a plumbing problem arises, it’s a nightmare and causes inconvenience to our daily routines. While there are some plumbing fixtures that homeowners can do themselves, there are some that require professional help and immediate attention. Here are the top… Read more »


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Happy Customers

“Not only were they quick to action but they called first thing Monday morning to tell me they could come in 30 minutes to start taking the furnace out and install the new one same day. While many other companies claim “24/7 emergency service” these guys mean it AND they are helpful. On Sunday night they also brought me space heaters to keep my place warm – lifesaver! This is a company I will openly refer and use for services in the future. Thanks Winters! I now have heat less then 24 hours later and a full understanding of how my new system works.”

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