Sump Pumps Boston and Eastern Massachusetts

We provide repairs, installation and replacement of all makes and models of submersible sumps and ejector pumps, as well as battery back-up systems.

Sump pumps protect a home from flooding by automatically ejecting ground water from beneath it during a rainstorm. Sometimes a sewage ejector pump is also needed to help the sewer system remove sewage.

We are experts when it comes to all things sump pumps, so you can count on us for the best advice and service. Protect your home from heavy rains, and call us for ejector and sump pump repair, sales, installation and replacement. We can help with:

• Backup and battery operated sump pumps
• Submersible sump pumps
• Basement sump pumps
• Sewage ejector pumps
• Battery backup sump and ejector pumps

Any home with a sump pump basin has a potential for water damage. This might happen if the power goes out or the pump in the basin stops working. This could cause not only water damage, but stress to the homeowners as well. That is why we offer the best battery backup sump pumps in the industry. These backup systems will protect your home and provide you with additional pumping capacities for heavy rains and power outages.

We offer a number of battery backup systems, which provide the following:

• Highest pumping capacity
• Longest, most reliable run time
• Adjustable activation switch – Activate the pump that best suits the needs of your sump basin
• FAST, same-day sump and ejector pump service from our clean and courteous technicians.

Sump and ejector pumps can prevent water damage in your home, so call to make an appointment and avoid damages. We will show up on time, listen to your concerns, analyze your sump or ejector pump needs, make recommendations, and help you determine the best solution based on your situation. We promise to take great care of your home. Our expert sump and ejector pump technicians wear shoe covers and put down floor coverings, as well as clean up their work area when they are finished. We will follow up with a phone call to ensure your satisfaction because value our customers and want to make sure you are happy.

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